February 21st Potluck was a success

It was with a great pleasure that I welcomed 17 people in my home on February 21st.

I wanted to thank those who came and brought some amazing foods.

We had a great variety of food from salads, spicy rolls, sushi, crackers with olive paste, onion rings and of course succulent desserts like chia pudding, energy balls, coconut squares, chocolate mousse and also my blackberry vanilla non-cheesecake. I will share the blackberry cake recipe with you in another post.

I also presented the movie “Truly Heal”. This movie is loaded with information about how we can heal our body from degenerative diseases. I will talk to you more in one of my post coming up. The producer from that movie is coming to Vancouver and will give a 2 day workshop to promote the Truly Heal protocol. Stay tune for more details about his visit to Vancouver.

Mark your calendar for the next one on March 28th.