Rock The Second Half of Your Life

Shifting From Crisis to Oasis

How can you find more serenity in your life?

Change your life with more energy and more serenity.

Overcome Roadblocks

Are you constantly hitting roadblocks on your journey?

Achieve Your Goals

Do you struggle to achieve your goals?

Feel Better

Do you feel stressed, anxious, or alone?

The secret to living a happy, successful life lies in your mental fitness. When you achieve calm and serenity, success and happiness will follow. 

Denise is the #1 Serenity Expert in North America, and she can help you overcome the mental roadblocks to your success.

Denise’s vision is for professional women 50 and over to be as emotionally and mentally fit as possible.

Who are you?

Is Denise the right person to help you shift from crisis to oasis so you can find happiness and success?

Denise works with professional women who:

  • are constantly exhausted for no apparent reason
  • want to achieve more but can’t seem to get there
  • feel lonely or alone
  • feel stressed or anxious
  • doubt themselves and their abilities
  • have endless to-do lists that never get finished

Who is Denise?

Denise is making the world more peaceful, one person at a time. She empowers her clients to be more productive and succeed by helping them master their mental fitness and find their inner serenity.

After personal trial and error and her professional training and certification in various specialties, she is now helping more people find calm and serenity in their own lives.

Denise helps you to take a deep-dive into the forces and factors (from your past) that are holding you back from reaching your present goals. The tools she provides for moving forward are hands-on and impactful in real life.

Working Towards Serenity

We already know that our bodies need movement and exercise to stay healthy. Positive Intelligence deals with our mental fitness. When your mind is stressed, you are more likely to listen to your inner saboteurs who will roadblock your success. Denise is your expert guide to help you understand and use your positive intelligence for your benefit. She can help you move toward your path to serenity and happiness.

Ready to step into YOUR serenity?

Contact Denise today for a complimentary, no-obligation, Exploration Session. We’ll talk about where you’re struggling, where you want to get to and determine if Denise is the person to help you reach your goals. 

No matter what, you’ll walk away from your session with Denise with more confidence about your future!