February 21st Potluck was a success

It was with a great pleasure that I welcomed 17 people in my home on February 21st.

I wanted to thank those who came and brought some amazing foods.

We had a great variety of food from salads, spicy rolls, sushi, crackers with olive paste, onion rings and of course succulent desserts like chia pudding, energy balls, coconut squares, chocolate mousse and also my blackberry vanilla non-cheesecake. I will share the blackberry cake recipe with you in another post.

I also presented the movie “Truly Heal”. This movie is loaded with information about how we can heal our body from degenerative diseases. I will talk to you more in one of my post coming up. The producer from that movie is coming to Vancouver and will give a 2 day workshop to promote the Truly Heal protocol. Stay tune for more details about his visit to Vancouver.

Mark your calendar for the next one on March 28th.

Raw Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Torte

This Dessert is always a winner. I have not met anyone so far who did not enjoy this dessert. It is amazing. You make it in about 20 minutes and put it in the freezer and serve it when ready. It could keep in the freezer for a long time, but that does not happen in my home. I have a hard time to resist sneaking into the freezer and grabbing a bite, then another…

All you will need for this amazing dessert is a food processor and a blender. It contains only 6 ingredients in total (and that is including salt).

The crust:
6 oz (about 1 1/2 cups) pecans
6 oz (about 1 1/2 cups) dates

The caramel:
6 tablespoons of maple syrup or liquid sweetener of your choice
3 oz (about 3/4 cup) dates
1/2 teaspoon of coarse salt (useless if you are watching your salt intake)

The filling:
1/2 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup of melted coconut oil
1/2 cup of maple syrup or liquid sweetener of your choice

1. To make the crust, pulse the dates and pecans in a food processor until it forms a dough ball. If after a while the dough hasn’t come together, add a little bit of water slowly until it does. It might require only a few drops.
2. Grease a 9-inch pan lightly with coconut oil. Press the dough into the pan and spread it out evenly into a pie crust shape, raising it at the side. Make sure there are no holes in the bottom.
3. Make the caramel by blending together the maple syrup and dates in a food processor until smooth and golden in color. Once it’s blended into a sauce, add in the sea salt and mix gently.
4. Pour the caramel in a thin layer on top of the bottom of the crust, spreading it out evenly.
5. To make the filling, mix together the maple syrup and melted coconut oil in the blender at slow speed. Then slowly add the cacao with the use a stiffer to make the mixture really smooth, as the liquid is turning at low speed until it’s uniformly mixed. Once all the chocolate is in, you can stop the blender and wiped the side and blend it a little more.
6. Carefully cover the caramel layer with the chocolate layer with a soft spatula.
7. Garnish the top with pecans and sea salt if desired.
8. Refrigerate your torte until the filling sets. Remove it from the refrigerator about 10-15 minutes before cutting and serving. Personally, I liked this when it was still slightly chilled but you can also eat it at room temperature.


I guarantee you that you will make a lot of friends with this dessert.

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Hemp Hearts?


Hemp hearts are the edible insides of hemp seeds. Many health benefits accompany the consumption of hemp hearts because of their high and diverse nutritional content. For starters, they are a complete protein. Hemp hearts also contain the essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3. In addition, hemp hearts are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, as well as the minerals calcium and iron. Hemp seeds contain 25 percent protein, 35 percent fatty acids and 27 percent carbohydrates (primarily fiber).


The combination of calories, complex carbohydrates and protein in hemp hearts provides long-lasting energy. Hemp hearts have been shown to increase levels of energy without other stimulants like caffeine and sugar. They provide more energy with less fillers, like sugar and saturated fat, than common energy bars.

Appetite and Weight

The amount of protein in hemp hearts is effective in curbing hunger, especially between meals. They are a healthy addition to a weight loss plan since they provide essential nutrients such as protein, essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals without adding an excess of calories, starches and sugars. Their effect on hunger results in healthier eating habits such as choosing fresh fruits and vegetables over pastas and breads. The weight lost with the assistance of hemp hearts is unlikely to be regained, because it is a daily dietary adjustment rather than a temporary fix.


High in fiber, hemp hearts have many health benefits related to the digestive system. Fiber consumption is essential for a healthy digestive system and keeps bowel movements regular. A digestive system with plenty of fiber is able to efficiently remove wastes from the intestines on a daily basis, which is a preventative measure for intestinal diseases. Soluble fiber works in the intestines to lower levels of LDL cholesterol, and insoluble fiber has been linked to lower risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Also, hemp hearts are easily digestible by the human body.

Cellular Health

The balance of essential fatty acids paired with the complete protein found in hemp hearts promotes cellular recovery and development. Larken Bunce, an educator and clinical herbalist, states, “Hemp’s unique fatty acid composition and balance can have significant impact on inflammatory processes and cell membrane activities, which are the foundation of numerous chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, neurodegenerative disorders, hypersensitivities and auto-immune conditions.” The high concentration of essential fatty acids found in hemp seeds also supports the transportation of oxygen to cells throughout the body. The presence of oxygen in cell membranes helps to block viruses, fungi and bacteria.

By Caitlin Erwin