Benefits of eating cashews

If you’ve been avoiding nuts due to their high calorie and fat content, reconsider adding them to your diet. Though a single ounce of raw cashews contains 155 calories, a diet rich in nuts may actually aid in weight control, explains the Linus Pauling Institute. Opt for raw cashew nuts to boost your nut intake, and you’ll enjoy several health benefits because of their rich mineral content.

Rich in Iron
Raw cashews provide beneficial iron. Your body needs iron to produce heme — the active component of the protein hemoglobin, which is essential for oxygen transport. Getting enough iron in your diet also supports your immune system, and iron helps your white blood cells destroy infectious agents. Each 1-ounce portion of raw cashews provides 1.87 milligrams of iron — roughly 11 percent of the recommended daily intake for women and 23 percent for men.

Copper and Zinc
Add raw cashews to your diet and you’ll also reap the benefits of their zinc and copper content. Zinc activates hundreds of proteins within your body, including proteins needed for healthy cell growth and a robust immune system. Consume an ounce of raw cashews to boost your zinc intake by 1.62 milligrams — 20 percent of the recommended daily zinc intake for women and 15 percent for men. The copper in raw cashews helps your body process iron, aids in the production of energy and strengthens your blood vessels. An ounce of raw cashews also offers 615 micrograms of copper, which is 68 percent of the recommended daily intake for women and men.

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