Hemp Heart, Chia and flax Pudding

Hemp Heart, Chia and flax Pudding

This morning I felt like experimenting and I have to say I was quite hungry. I have been wanting to make a chia pudding for quite some time now and never got around to do it. So, this morning I decided to try something new. I did a few Google searches and did not really find what I was looking for. But what I saw gave me an idea about what I could make!

I hope you like it too. I ate this for breakfast but I think it could make a great dessert as well. It is very filling and SO DELICIOUS. !! Definitely to LIVE for.

1 cup of hemp hearts
2 cups of water
6 medjools dates
4 tablespoons of chia seeds
4 tablespoons of flax seeds
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
1 large banana
1 cup of frozen blueberries (or fresh if in season)
1/4 cup of raisins
1/4 cup of cacao nibs
maple syrup for garnish

Mix in a blender the hemp hearts, flax, chia, dates and maple syrup.
Blend until you get a smooth and creamy texture
Pour into 2 serving bowls
Decorate with the banana, blueberries, raisins and cacao nibs.
Drizzle a little maple syrup on top

Serve 2

You could use any other fruits on top of the mixture. Use fresh fruits when in season.

I am so glad I tried this and I had to share this with you all. YUMMY !!

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