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One thing that can stunt your growth as a human is not knowing how to forgive people.

Not forgiving those who have harmed you in some way is a recipe for self-doubt and being stuck in the past unable to move forward happily and successfully.

These 4 steps to help you forgive people will help you if you do them. (The download below will have the 8 steps and only 4 steps in the video).

Remember that forgiveness is something you really do for yourself most of the time.

You can forgive people in your heart who you never see again or allow in your life again.

You don’t have to be a doormat to be a forgiving person. In fact, the more forgiving you are of others, the easier you are on yourself too.

Remember, you are human, as are other humans.

Humans are inherently flawed creatures, and that’s okay also.

Be kind to one another
Denise Belisle