Welcome to Denise Belisle In Motion Coaching

In Motion Coaching is our personalized one-on-one or group coaching programs. The coach works to help the client move forward in the program, create a personalized model of wellness and success, and get their client moving in the right direction so they may reach their goals quickly. We have found that this program is most helpful to clients who may need encouragement, support and accountability to stay on track with the action plan.

Definition of Coaching:

Professional coaching is a cooperative alliance between the coach and client. Through the process of coaching, clients identify and prioritize their goals and develop and take manageable steps towards achieving those goals. The coach adheres to a form of coaching that honors the client as the expert in his or her personal and/or professional life and believes that every client has natural gifts and talents that allow them to solve most, if not all of their problems. The coach will help elicit client-generated solutions and strategies. The coach’s role is to accelerate the client’s progress by providing greater focus, awareness of choice and accountability. The client is always responsible for the choices they make during the coaching process. If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired or is uncomfortable with any aspect of the coaching relationship, then the client will communicate this to the coach so that action can be taken by both parties to return power to the coaching relationship. 

Coach Denise specializes in helping people work toward the prevention and improvement of chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. Her group coaching programs are helping people discover what might be causing the diseases or conditions as opposed to only treating the symptoms, which can prevent these diseases from appearing and improve people’s quality of life. Coach Denise works with health practitioner’s clients by helping them move forward on the path of health and recovery.